After the initial shock and sadness of saying goodbye suddenly to year 11 and then closing to reopen, it has all been about people. Despite the upset of the exam cancellation and missing the everyday rhythm of school, it feels like we have gone back to the true essence of education. The joy of seeing a child understand something for the first time, the joy of a community that pulls together to help each other through adversity, the joyful support from colleagues virtually and in real life. The fear has gone of being judged because of a number, or of being labelled by a team of inspectors who don’t know or understand your school or your community or what it takes to build the relationships that have sustained us through the last few weeks.

Like everyone I will be relieved when we have come through this crisis, that will be a time of real joy. However I intend to hang on to the shift in priorities that we have seen in education in the last few weeks. It’s about the people, small and big, young and old, it’s not about the data. I hope we all do this so that it’s not “back to business” as we knew it but back to what truly matters-caring for each other and building communities.

From a personal view I’ve enjoyed calling friends instead of texting, time with my wonderful spouse and time to notice things more. Stay safe.